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Rick Bayless, Authentic Mexican chef, his quote “Wherever there’s good agriculture, there’s really good food.”

Rick Bayless

Authentic Mexican
Eater - Is Rick Bayless the Most Interesting Man in the World?


b. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 1953

Principle Restaurants

  • 1987 Frontera Grill | Chicago.
  • 1991 Topolobampo | Chicago.
  • 2009 Xoco | Chicago.


  • 10 +


  • PBS - Mexico One Plate at a Time


  • Frontera Farmer Foundation

Reference Materials On Display

  • Image - Oaxacan Market
  • Book - Mexico One Plate at a Time
  • Book - Authentic Mexican

Additional Resource

American Regional Cuisines - Food Culture and Cooking | Chapter 7 The Mexican Border