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Jaques Pepin, French Teacher, Chef, his quote "Cooking is the art of adjustment"

Jacques Pepin

French Teacher

Jacques Pepin Announced as First Recipient of the Julia Child Award
American Masters - PBS

b. Bourg-en-Bresse, France 1935


Culinary Posts

  • Hotel Plaza Athénée | Paris
  • Personal Chef | French Heads of State
  • Le Pavillion | NYC
  • Howard Johnson’s | America La Potagerie | NYC


  • The Complete Pepin
  • Fast Food My Way
  • More Fast Food My Way
  • Jacques Pepin Heart & Soul

Reference Materials On Display

  • Book - La Technique
  • Book - The Apprentice
  • List - Published Works

Additional Resource

American Regional Cuisines - Food Culture and Cooking | Chapter 4 The Mid Atlantic