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James Hemings, Revelolutionary Chef, [sic] Know what you deserve. Lauren F. Klien, History Emory University

James Hemings

Revolutionary Chef

b. Commonwealth of Virginia 1765
d. Baltimore, Maryland 1801

Known Kitchens

  • 1773-Monticello | Virginia.
  • 1784-1789 Hotel de Langeac | Paris.
  • 1790- Room Where it Happens | NYC.
  • 1801-Columbian Hotel | Baltimore.


  • Book - Dinner at Mr. Jefferson’s


  • Film - Jefferson in Paris

Reference Materials On Display

  • Menu - Compromise of 1790
  •  Recipes - The First American Cookbook
  • Book - Thomas Jefferson’s Crème Brulee

Additional Resource

American Regional Cuisines - Food Culture and Cooking | Chapter 5 The Chesapeake Bay Shore